The Wyvern Saga Projects

What if the world was full of dragons? An earth filled with fantastic creatures. A different reality, where magic and fire breathing beasts live alongside one another.

Every human hearts is destined to create its own make-believe world. We thirst imaginations and the wishfulness it brings. Through times we create stories, movies, songs, and pieces of arts, all in hope to be one step closer to such a world.

Today with NFT’s, our mind may wandered with endless excitement. Technology and imagination in arms, creating worlds of artistric value and opportunities. Creating a world where Dragons roam.

Discover a planet with limitless resources, inhibited by various facinating types of Dragons called WYVERNS, who have been guarding their home for thousands of millenials, but yet to understand the infinite power of their own planet. Where soon everything will be unfold. Welcome to the world of WYVERN SAGA PROJECT.

The 1st Wyverns Journey, we'll be releasing 8,888 unique Wyverns

Wyvern Eggs

Why we Create this NFT?

Our desire on creating these characters of cute, fun, and unique pastel colors dragons, meanwhile these concept is do not yet exist in the NFT world. The reason why we are working hard on this project is we want to help those who have been in affected by the pandemic. Also we do understand how the trading system in the world of NFTs. And we decided to prioritize our investors to get a lot of benefits by purchasing our items. So both of us will get the win – win solution on this NFT project. Want to know what kind of benefits we offer? Keeping up with our social media; Discord, Twitter, and listen to our podcasts for further announcements.  

Who are we?

Starting from a group of designers with great ideas and desires of helping our local tourism sectors which have been affected by the pandemic. We can’t make a big impact to the world, but we try our best to start with helping people around us. We will introduce The Wyvern Saga full team members in our discord although there is nothing special about us, we try to contribute to the community.

When will we publish the project?

The 8,888 of Wyverns are still in the process, the release date will be announced in our discord server.

Where will we publish it?

The Wyvern Saga items can be purchased using Ethereum Based (ERC – 721), and all will be available on Open Sea.

How are we going to go on our NFT project?

As a start, we’ll be selling 8,888 items with the uniqueness of each item! We’ll do our best adjusting our items price so it can be owned by more people.


 Get closer to our team members and go further with us through discord, twitter and join the podcast for more surprises and giveaway! Let’s talk very soon, dragon warriors!

Here, we don’t want to be the first in everything, but we want to be the second liner in all existing NFTs.