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Wyvern Saga

Is an NFT saga of an infinite resources planet inhabited by many different types of Wyverns for thousand years. The Wyverns have been guarding the planet for thousand years and did not understand how to use the limitless resources of their planet.

And here the journey of The Wyvern Saga begin.

NFTs Roadmap Project


Our first batch is 8888 NFT collection with pastel 2D art will be dropped

Roadmap Start


Feel bored? Come to the Wyvern Island! A.k.a. Bali island, we will have hotel accommodation giveaways for those holders!

Roadmap Giveaway

Festival & Party

Wyvern’s Bazaar will be held together with the hotel accommodation at Bali island

Our Social Responsibility Project

As the largest tourism destination, Bali’s tourism sector was devastated. Bali is among the hardest hit by the economic impact when the world stopped traveling due to Covid-19. The reason why we’ll donate our profits from this project is to help the communities who are affected by the pandemic.

Collabs Time

We are on progress to do some collabs with other NFT project to let holders use their Wyvern NFT on their platform or community.

The Rebirth

Get ready for the Rebirth of the Wyvernians, keep on track with us through our Discord server!

NFT drop start from 0.7 ETH